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1 day ago  

The place was new so it was immaculate and everyone was on their best behavior. One of the nurses even said it was her first day. Everyone was very personable and professional. There were some kinks to work out but overall it was a pleasant experience, given its purpose.

Bee Jaycee

1 month ago  

Were really fast and efficient. Gave me a lot of knowledge about my situation.

Brock E. Richardson

1 month ago  

Went to Community First Pearland on Thursday evening. The place was very nice, almost like a spa setting. The staff was prompt, nice, and very helpful along the way. The nurses and Dr. made sure we understood our options each step of the way! I fully recommend Community Pearland…

Andy Stanley

1 month ago  

The staff at Community First is extremely helpful and treat every patient like family.

Cindi De Alejandro

1 month ago  

This Er was so clean, professional, and great on time management. The Doctor was so informal, we got our COVID exam results within the same hour. They loved my son he is 2 years old he was well cooperative. I highly recommended this place for any health concerns.

Savi Itis

2 months ago  

The staff at the Pearland location is amazing! The front desk was quick, friendly, and on top of everything. The Nurse, Tech, and Doctor were friendly, responsive, and informative. I was in my room and seen by a nurse within 5 minutes, Doctor came in quickly after that. I was given Gatorade, water and snacks and was checked on frequently. I will definitely return to this facility if ever needed. Thank you to the staff for taking care of me. The facility was also VERY CLEAN!

Jennifer Maldonado

2 months ago  

I was checked in and seen quickly. I received blood work, CT, and exrays. My visit was on a Saturday. I was given copies of ALL of my results and instructed to see my physician first thing Monday morning. (Low K, Fe, & Protein resulting in irregular heartbeat and confusion) In the midst of COVID restrictions and hospitals full, I also received instructions to follow prior to Monday and stressed the importance of returning and/or calling if symptoms changed. The staff. 😢 Understood I have no family here and made me feel like I'm never alone and they were always there 24/7. ❤


2 months ago  

I was seen right away! Friendly staff and explained everything in detail...

Mine Jenkins

2 months ago  

I felt like I needed to a Covid test. And for professional, personal and family reasons, I needed the results same day. As luck would have it, it was later in the afternoon, early evening (after normal business hours.) Having heard about community first ER Pearland through billboards and seeing it as I drive down Broadway. With some help from my wife. I was able to locate the address and telephone number. I gave them a call to confirm that I would indeed be able to get my results the same day and they confirmed that was the case. When I got there, the lobby was well lit, clean and very inviting and quite luxurious looking. At check-in, Josh the front desk representative was very helpful in that when he initially ran my insurance card it indicated that it was not active. As you can imagine this was very concerning for me. However, Josh continue to work diligently using different methods to confirm that my insurance card was active. Before I was able to finish my initial intake paperwork, I was already being called back to the room. Inside the emergency room, it was clean and pleasant looking. The room I was in was well furnished (it even had a TV for me to watch if I chose to do so ) which made it look more like a spa room than an emergency room (which helped to decrease my anxiety about being in an ER in the evening.) When I got to the room the medical staff was already there waiting for me and promptly began my initial assessment followed by my Covid test. The entire assessment and test portion of my stay took less than 10 minutes which was nice. I chose to stay and wait for my results (however, there was an option to have the results emailed or mailed if I chose to do so) so that I could leave the ER with a paper copy of the results in hand. From the time I got back to the room till I was walking out the door was about an hour. Which, in my opinion is well worth it when it comes to having the peace of mind of knowing the results of your test the day that you get them. When the results were ready, the doctor came in and took time to explain to me the results and answer some additional questions I had about Covid and other health matters. He was very attentive and I felt like he was actively listening and truly concerned about my well-being and future health and safety. In the future I will pick Comunity First ER Pearland for it’s safe, luxuriously designed and decorated facility, and it’s caring and efficient team (starting with the front desk staff all the way back to the nurses and the doctors.) Thank you community First ER for your first rate facility, service, professionalism and speed In addressing my health concerns.


2 months ago  

Community First Emergency Room is so clean and the staff was fast and friendly. I had a lot of arm pain and ended up having to get an X-ray. Results were fast. Nurse Brandi and Radiologist Melissa were so nice and thorough about what to expect. Dr.Miryala was nice and compassionate too and could tell he really cared about his patients. They all made my unfortunate situation better. I am grateful for them and this emergency room. This is now my go to ER!


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